Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese Prozac, Middlesex, & Breakfast

my sister had me try these little pellets that her Chinese acupuncturist "prescribed" for her. they are the bomb. who knows if it's just the placebo effect (and i'm perfectly ok with that), but if i'm feeling like total booty, i feel just a little better after i take this funny combination of herbs. ALL LEGAL, THANK YOU! i haven't learned how to get nitrous oxide in pellet form...
here are the ingredients (and likely spelling bee words):

white peony root
chinese angelica root
white atractylodes root
ginger root
mint herb
honey fried licorice root
bupleurum root

i looked them all up and they all seem legit (i.e. not gonna kill me). i wish they could fit a higher dosage into each pellet, though...i have to take freakin' 12 of these things at a time! i'll let you know if things change!

i finally finished Middlesex. i'm not much of a reader, but am enjoying a read before bedtime. this one took me FOREVER. it's crazy that Oprah put this book on her list...i feel the topic is less than mainstream. i guess that's the point, eh? good for O - she's awesome. i enjoyed the book, but i wouldn't say i loved it. they constant flash forwards & flashbacks were actually kinda fun, and i love the true first-person narration. i'd give it a B+.


for those in Houston, K and i found the best breakfast ever...although this place has been around awhile (we're just late on the game). The Daily Grind on Washington has got great food and a totally cool, comfy ambiance. kristy declared it the best breakfast in town after she was able to build her own omelette! no more endless substitutions of spinach, mushrooms, and other veggies for her! so check it out.

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